The Resiliency Issue, November/December 2020

$ 11.00 CAD

Rising sea levels. Urban heat islands. Community instability. The challenges related to climate change and other factors are daunting, but the potential solutions — especially those spearheaded by architects and designers — offer hope. In its November/December issue, Azure looks at the many design-driven resiliency strategies being adopted worldwide, from the planting of two million trees in the heart of Shanghai to redirecting a river in Toronto. Plus: Design trends to look out for 2021 include primordial forms, indoor/outdoor fluidity and a greater focus on equity.

Featured stories include:

Force of Nature: A mass timber residential prototype in British Columbia proves that low-impact buildings can also be luxe.

Mid-Atlantic Mission: From their base in remote Cape Verde, architects Eloisa Ramos and Moreno Castellano boost local livelihoods and traditions through their joyful, sensitive work.

Natural Wonder: MAD Architects’ inaugural U.S. project includes the largest living wall in the country.

Bank Statement: A creative repurposing in Prague delivers new energy to a long-neglected riverfront.

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