The Transformative Architecture Issue, September/October 2021

$ 11.00 CAD

From a stormwater treatment facility in Toronto by gh3* to a university campus in Burkina Faso by Kéré Architecture, our September/October 2021 issue explores the kind of social and sustainable infrastructure that shows a way forward for how we should build, locally and globally. Plus, we take a deep dive into social housing, highlighting recent developments that take a preservationist approach while creating more space, private and public, for residents.

Also in this issue:

Design Trends 2022: Major play, collective acts and new rituals – a trio of design directions for adjusting to an ever-changing landscape, while carving out meaning for ourselves in the spaces we create and inhabit.

Venice Biennale: Our dispatch from the biggest architectural exhibition in the world.

Workspace Solutions: From a public pool turned co-working space to the emergence of the club office – as both an interior layout and a furniture collection – we keep tabs on the latest hybrid interiors.

Bathroom Beauties: The latest tubs, faucets, tiles and more for creating a Zenlike space.

Wall and Ceiling Finishes: From veneers to glazing, options for vibrant surfaces.

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