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The Annual AZ Awards Issue, October 2020


Azure unveils the winners of the 10th annual AZ Awards, celebrating the best in architecture, landscapes, interiors, product and furniture design, social and eco-leadership and more.

Plus: Blending architecture with viticulture, an ambitious winery in the Czech Republic aims to promote its terroir with a sculptural new home.

Other stories include:

Building Links: The colourful modular furniture of British-Ghanaian designer Kusheda Mensah is sparking real conversation

Shore Thing: A seaside-inspired design scheme takes a Vancouver taco joint back to its surf-town roots

Remaking Ground: In a Lisbon museum, a purpose-built installation by U.S. studio SO-IL explores the question: What is the future of cultural space?

The Hard Facts on Soft Seating: A roundup of the best sofas, armchairs and more for public and private spaces