The Annual AZ Awards Issue, October 2020

$ 11.00 CAD

Azure unveils the winners of the 10th annual AZ Awards, celebrating the best in architecture, landscapes, interiors, product and furniture design, social and eco-leadership and more.

Plus: Blending architecture with viticulture, an ambitious winery in the Czech Republic aims to promote its terroir with a sculptural new home.

Other stories include:

Building Links: The colourful modular furniture of British-Ghanaian designer Kusheda Mensah is sparking real conversation

Shore Thing: A seaside-inspired design scheme takes a Vancouver taco joint back to its surf-town roots

Remaking Ground: In a Lisbon museum, a purpose-built installation by U.S. studio SO-IL explores the question: What is the future of cultural space?

The Hard Facts on Soft Seating: A roundup of the best sofas, armchairs and more for public and private spaces

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