The Interiors Issue, September 2019

$ 11.00 CAD

What makes an interior great? Charm, innovation and unbridled originality are just a few of the qualities that characterize the spaces in Azure’s September issue, profiling some of the most intriguing and inspiring residences around.

 In the September issue, Azure focuses its lens on four fantastic domestic spaces with design cred to spare. In Atlanta, architect Jennifer Bonner’s one-of-kind family home pays homage to Southern vernacular through creative finishes and more than a few architectural flourishes, while a mountainside retreat by U.K. firm Gort Scott in British Columbia reflects its setting both materially and structurally. In Spain, meanwhile, architect Valentín Sanz’s ultra-efficient rental unit boasts a tiered wooden structure serving as furniture, storage space and room divider in one. And in Milan, Turin-based firm Marcante Testa artfully outfits an apartment with a riot of finishes, shapes and colours.

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