The Transformative Interiors Issue, May/June 2021

$ 11.00 CAD

This is AZURE’s first-ever carbon-neutral issue: Read all about it in our editor’s letter.

Embracing sunlight, plant life, whimsy and serenity, the projects celebrated in AZURE’s Interiors Issue include a verdant TV headquarters in a 19th-century Madrid building, a colourful school in the Netherlands, a palatial extension to a Jewish museum in Germany and – our cover star – a sky-high and stellar library in Guangzhou. 

Also in this issue:

The Future of Hospitality: A survey with interior designers and architects across North America on how restaurants will evolve post-pandemic to offer novel experiences inside and out.

Naturehumaine’s Luminous Lake House: In Quebec, a stunning and sculptural tripartite home that was built around a trio of skylights.

Fantastic Facades: Innovative materials, from metal and tile to PVs, that boost the beauty of performance of buildings.

Designing for Care: Toronto architect Siamak Hariri on designing more intimate hospital settings, including the new interiors of the Princess Margaret Cancer Center

Everything Office: From desks to seating, a panoply of options for work environments that will make you look forward to Monday morning

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