2020 AZ Awards Trophy

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Designed by acclaimed product designer - and 2020 AZ Awards juror - Luca Nichetto, the 2020 AZ Awards trophy takes the shape of a subtly flared upside-down tumbler, one that measures 25 centimetres tall by nine centimetres in diameter at its base.

Made of blown Murano glass by storied glass manufacturer NasonMoretti, a frequent collaborator of Nichetto’s, each unique piece combines opaque orange and tinted glass and features the AZ Awards logo laser-etched on its sloped top. The trophy is a reflection of Nichetto’s philosophy and practice: Venetian glass is near and dear to his heart, and he has made it a hallmark of his studio to bring the renowned artisanship of his hometown to the rest of the world.

Please note that this trophy is available only to winners of the 2020 AZ Awards.

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