The Indoor/Outdoor Issue: Issue 2, 2021

$ 6.95 CAD

With the seasonal return of sunshine and warm weather, it’s time to head back outdoors – even while you stay inside. In this issue, you’ll find four homes that blur the line (and occasionally outright remove it) between interior and exterior. Take a look through this issue, and you’ll also find:

The latest in maximalist tile design, locally made wood furniture and plenty more.

Urban Update
Our interview with former Toronto mayoral candidate Jennifer Keesmaat, who’s still changing the city for the better, now as a developer.

Food & Design
The city’s best design-forward food, drink and portable tableware for a stylish, tricked-out picnic.

Local Act
Our look at Curves by Sean Brown, whose audio-visual rugs sample iconic CD art from the aughts for an unlikely remix.



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