The Northern Issue, May 2019

$ 11.00 CAD

In the May issue, AZURE travels to the far north to take stock of the remarkable range of modern buildings being erected there. In Labrador, Todd Saunders’s seaside cultural centre creates a new benchmark for the region, while Henning Larsen’s town hall-cum-footbridge in the Faroe Islands both nods to and expands local aesthetics. And then there’s Icelandic architect Pálmar Kristmundsson’s striking beachfront retreat – on the site of a former concrete factory.

Plus: Thomas Phifer’s monolithic addition to the Glenstone Museum in Maryland / A conversation with Anna Heringer, the German-born architect championing mud as a building material / The ingenious concrete coach house by Turin firm ElasticoSPA in Italy’s earthquake-prone Friuli region

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