The Social Good Issue | March/April 2024

$ 12.00 CAD

In Azure’s March/April 2024 print and digital editions, we explore new paradigms for community-led housing and elderly healthcare around the world, we tour an Indigenous-made cultural-economic initiative in Alberta and we sit down with emerging South African architect Sumayya Vally.

Spotlight on Workplace: From interiors that entice employees back into the fold to furniture systems that cater to various working and meeting modes, all that your office needs and desires.

Great Outdoors: Just in time for patio-planning, we present everything new for lounging in the sun.

Bio Building Blocks: At the Chicago Architecture Biennial, a prototype for a new type of brick promises a less carbon-intensive future for construction.

Design Miami: Standouts from the show that joyfully caters to the artier side of design.

Spanish CLT: A home made entirely of timber shows how warm and dexterous the material can be.


AZURE is Eco-Friendly: The print edition of the magazine is produced using 100% FSC-certified recycled paper, soy-based ink and renewable energy at printing.

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